Electrical Impedance Tomography data

Jennifer L Mueller and Samuli Siltanen

Matlab resources for examining EIT with simulated data are available at these pages:
EIT with the D-bar method: smooth and radial case
EIT with the D-bar method: discontinuous heart-and-lungs phantom
These codes are explained in the book Linear and Nonlinear Inverse Problems With Practical Applications by Jennifer Mueller and Samuli Siltanen (SIAM 2012).

Andreas Hauptmann, Ville Kolehmainen, Nguyet Minh Mach, Tuomo Savolainen, Aku Seppänen, Samuli Siltanen

This is an open-access EIT dataset. The data can be freely used for scientific purposes with appropriate references to the data and to the documentation of the data in arXiv.


Documentation in arXiv:

Complete 2D EIT data set:

Photographs of the targets:

How to read data in Matlab:

Video of data collection:
An informal documentation of data collection is available here as a video: